Welcome. How much time do I have? 30 seconds of your attention? I won't waste it.


I'm Erika Rose. My pronouns are she/her

I want to work with people who challenge me, make me better, are kind and do their best. I want to work with people who are supportive of one another and who remember that none of us are more important than the whole. I want to work with people who, like me, are working on their capacity to truly listen, be accountable and honest, make amends, forgive and restore. I want to work on and see plays that move me, scare me, push me, see me and affirm the humanity of people not like me.

I am happy to be here and feel lucky that I am. Here's to as many years as I can get on this earth. Amen.

2019 Helen Hayes Award Recipient

2011 Helen Hayes Award Recipient

2006 Helen Hayes Nominee

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